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Hi - my name is Braydon and I'm a senior full stack web engineer with a passion for the front-end spectrum. I write articles that I wish I had when I started learning web development. My goal is to share tutorials and tips in order to allow developers of all skill levels to learn from my experiences.

My blog mainly consists of entrees related to the following topics:

  • JavaScript frameworks
  • CSS tutorials
  • Web development
  • Lessons from my full-time position

My primary goal in writing is to help others. By supporting me, I can continue to engage in my passion and help countless others in their web development journey.

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Maximize Component Reusability with Bit

Nov 24, 2021One of the main responsibilities when building components is to consider autonomy and reusability - and rightfully so! Architecting components in a reusable way allows optimal flexibility and will speed up development. But let me ask you this: If we ...

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